How Is It Done ?

In the following, we will describe the steps that you will need to take in order to have your dog or cat transported from their shelter to your home.

  1. Booking

    First, you will have to fill in the booking form. Please fill it in very carefully and provide us with the correct data.
    No pet may leave the country without its passport.
    If you need several pets, you will have to fill in a form for each pet.
    After checking the received data, the pet shall be added to the booking list.
    If you wish to book one place for a transportation on a certain date, please leave a comment on the Data About Transportations page.A member of our team will make the booking for You and will notify you when it is done.
    7 days before the departure date, we will need the data of your pets in order to fill in the TRACES system. Please keep in mind that the pets may not be transported without this data.

  2. Payment of transportation

    After your booking, you will have to pay for the transportation.
    You can find HERE the payment methods
    The payment must be made at least 7 days before the transportation date.
    After the payment confirmation, the pet shall be added to the transportation list.

  3. Pet takeover

    After the payment has been made, you will receive a notification email with the date, time and place from where we will take over the pet.

For any concerns, please feel free to CONTACT US.